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27+Stunning Unique Crown Molding Ideas


Crown molding ideas sound like a small part of the house. People usually will more focus on the big element of the house but of course paying attention to detail of home decoration will bring them more perfect home. In this circumstance, there is nothing wrong to enhance the value of their home by installing crown molding.

Some people might think about the boring crown molding but there are some unique ideas which can be applied for enhancing the look and feel in the house with crown molding installation.

Crown Molding Widened Look

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If people treat the crown molding correctly, they can utilize it for helping them open up the room. If people have narrow room, they need to paint the crown molding so it can match the color of the ceiling. It is simple way for getting the widened look in the room.

Crown Molding Federal Style

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People just want to make sure that every room in the house can really be suitable to their need. They might buy a house which comes with unwanted room for instance. They do not need garage but they have it in the house they purchased. There is no need to worry because they can make it into completely different room function.

Nevertheless, the former function of the room can still be seen but by installing the crown molding with federal style, the identity of the room as free standing garage can be masked. It will work greatly with the installation of the built in storage as well as bead board which looks natural in the room for pretty long period of time.

Crown Molding Greek revival

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If people are looking for the crown molding which can bring perfection to the room in their house, they really need to understand about the character in the room. If the room has built in elements, they have to make sure that the crown molding will complement of that element.

It is not good for installing the crown molding which will compete with the existing element in the room which cannot be replaced easily. In this circumstance, people should install the pared down crown molding which comes with Greek revival style.

Colonial Revival Crown Molding Ideas

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Even though crown molding can grab attention a lot in the room, people do not have to worry because they can also install the crown molding which can support other elements in the room to be the focal point of decoration.

For example, in the room with classic mantel and window casings which come with rosette, people can install the lighter side crown molding which has colonial revival style. It is also important to make sure that the wall color is also appropriate for the chosen period.

Crown Molding Corner Block

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There is no way people can get bored easily with the crown molding especially since there are so many options which can be chosen for enhancing their home decoration.

Installing crown molding can be pretty similar in basic but it will be completely different and attractive when people also install the corner blocks of the crown molding especially when they use the colonial revival style. The corner block will attract people’s attention to the ceiling from bead board which is vaulted.

Crown Molding Georgian Style

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Paying attention to the crown molding can really enhance the feel which wants to be brought in the room. There can be element which can give historical look in the house such as fireplace. In this circumstance, people can give it the ultimate treatment for its historical element by installing the dentil molding which comes with Georgian style along with the extra details.

To make sure that they can get the ultimate total look in the room, the crown must be coordinated with the window cases. Both must comes with details as well as beadings.

Crown Molding Traditional Revival

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Every element in the home decoration must complement one another for making the perfect look in the house. This is something which people should keep in mind when installing crown molding.

When people have fireplace in the living room which is decorated with the floral tile which looks old for instance, they can consider installing the stepped up crown molding which comes with traditional revival style. The flat front of the molding will provide the room for flourishes which come with customized look.

Crown Molding with Layers


Crown molding installation in the house actually can bring huge effect to the total look of home decoration if they do it correctly. People commonly just install single layer for the crown molding but they will be able to bring bigger effect by installing more layers of the crown molding. This kind of crown molding installation will define the ceiling as well as the wall. It can be great ornament in the house after all.

Crown Molding Masculine Style

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It is sure that every home should be suitable to the homeowner personal taste and lifestyle. Many people think that they can have a perfect home if it comes with complicated and luxurious detail in the house. It will not work for everyone after all because some people prefer the simple yet comfortable home.

In this circumstance, they need to consider the detail which is suitable to this expectation. As for the crown molding, the simple molding with masculine finish will be a great choice. They can try to add the low key crown molding with Federal style in their home.

Crown Molding Early American

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Last but not least, people can utilize the crown molding ideas with early American trim style. When people are talking about Early American style, they will imagine about the built in banquette as well as dining table. This part of the house will get better look since it is highlighted with the barely there beading crown molding.

The crown molding idea actually can be matched with the other elements in the room such as the kitchen cabinet. People can find a great kitchen look with Early American style by installing the cabinet which has feet like one from the vintage dresser. For matching this unique detail in the kitchen, people can install the large scale molding with Early American style for beautiful crown molding ideas.

More Image Crown Molding Ideas

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