Deck Lighting Ideas with Brilliant Results!

If your house got a deck built, then you cannot do any wrong than to look at these deck lighting ideas I got for you. Installing these items, aside from being a good source of light, will make your house look even better than it should and it will add that certain ‘oomph’ that can bring that much needed high-end look to it.

For those of you wondering about how a deck in a house looks like, then I shall recommend you to several pictures of ships online. For those of you without an internet connection, then you can go to the nearest dock and ask to see where the ships are.


When you already got the ships on your sight, go ask what are these ship decks people are talking about. If you have seen them and have known them, then go try to imagine those things in your house. Only by then that you will understand about a deck in a house.

Perhaps there is a question within your mind that you want to ask and that question may or may not revolve around the reason why would someone install a deck in their house. If you are wondering about the why, then I have an answer for you: the feeling of being rich.

A deck in a house is something that not many can afford. For example, if you are living in an apartment by the town, you cannot install a deck. If you own a house by the suburbs, you can have them, but there will be no reason in owning them.

If you own a nice house by the beach just like the Malibu or by the side of the Great Lake, a deck on top of your house can be a good place to relax and to bathe under the sun if you so require. They can also use the deck to enjoy the night wind if they ever wish to do so.

Because a house in Malibu (one that can contain a deck) and a house by the Great Lake are somewhat expensive, it indirectly shows that a deck in a house is a bit royal. Installing them is not cheap as well, so you kind of need to be rich to get one.

Modern Deck Lighting Ideas

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Deck Lighting Ideas

If you happens to have enough money to have one or you are one lucky human and you are looking for a way to light up your deck, then this article here is for you. I am here to give you several ideas about deck lighting that you can use if you want to lighten up your deck. Without further ado, let us begin with the first idea I have in mind:

The bonfire’s light

outdoor deck lighting ideas

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While I think it is too much for one to install a bonfire by their deck, it is a possible choice. If you want to take the royal feeling up a thousand, you can install a bonfire on your deck and have the deck light installed on the bonfire. This lighting, aside from being cool and natural as heck, will add the incentive for the people to hang around your deck. Who does not like to have a bonfire on their house, am I right?


Some people use ‘fake’ flames on their deck bonfire, but true rich people will use real fire for their bonfire. This way, you can have something to heat yourself up when you are hanging around on your deck. Campfire stories do not have to take place in the forest or the wilderness if you install this baby. Perfect for those who like to hang around their decks alone or with the company of some friends. Read Living Room With Fireplace Design

The luminous sky

led deck lighting ideas

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Normally, lighting for decks will be placed on the floor. They are installed in the floor to give you that shine when you walks through your deck, giving the place a good look to it. If you want something new, though, you can try installing the deck lighting on top of your deck. This will make a ceiling of light that will be good for outdoor parties and whatnots. Installing them is not that hard and I do not think that they are that expensive when compared to other lights on this list.

This setup will prevent your guests from ever lacking any sort of light because it encompasses nearly all of your deck. While this type is good for outdoor parties, it is not that flexible in terms of usage. This type is only good for said parties while it will be an overkill for other types of gatherings. If you do not expect to throw parties now and then, you are better off using other lighting types.  

The stairway to good lighting

under deck lighting ideas

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This type obviously suits someone with stairs on their deck better than someone who does not have stairs (or even worse, someone who does not have a deck), so if you do not have one, you can skip this part.

This type of lighting is a type that is pretty uncommon to use for those with stairs. People who got stairs on their decks would rather use the type where the lamps are installed within the stairs or to the side of them. This one can be a preferable alternative if you want to install another type of deck lights or if you are bored with the ordinary installation method.


Be mindful that this setup is pretty dangerous thanks to the wiring. Make sure that nobody touches the cables when they are going up the stairs.

The never failing steps of light

deck lighting ideas solar

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I call this the never failing steps of light because that is what they are. They never fail at doing their job and they work well if applied well.  Just do not expect to ‘wow’ your guests because this type is probably the most overused type out there.

The road led by the light

Best Deck Lighting Options

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I love this idea because of one simple thing: this lighting has nothing to do with regal things and just go for the practicality of things. This type of lighting will be a good lighting for deck owners who prefer to keep their lights simple and practical. Basically the cheapest of all the deck lighting ideas.