Deck Skirting Ideas to Enhance the Look of Your Deck

Deck Skirting Ideas – If your house uses a decking system, you can either leave the underside of the deck open or cover it with a material that extends vertically from the edge of the deck to the ground. This material is called skirting and adding it to your deck may yield many benefits.

There are many great deck skirting ideas that you can find on the internet and home décor magazines. Before you add skirting to your deck, it is advisable that you understand why deck skirting is needed, how to choose the right material for the deck skirting, and how to install skirting on your deck.

Why Deck Skirting Is Necessary

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Why Deck Skirting Is Necessary?

As mentioned above, deck skirting is optional. Some people prefer to keep the underside of the deck open whereas the others prefer to install deck skirting. If you cannot decide whether to install skirting, here are some reasons why some people install skirting on their deck.

Deck skirting iDEAS conceals unsightly underside

Deck skirting is an effective structure to conceal the unsightly underside of a deck. This unsightly underside might simply be vacant space with overgrown grass or non-plastered brick wall to which the deck is attached. By adding skirting, there is no not-so-pretty space and structure that you and your guests must see.

Deck skirting makes the deck look more solid

Deck appears thin because it consists only of one layer of decking material. By adding skirting to it, it will appear thicker and more solid. Skirting is a way to disguise the deck as a thick and solid structure.


The space behind the skirting can be excellent for storage.

You can store various outdoor stuff behind the skirting. Ladder, flower pots, gardening tools, and fertilizer often find no suitable storage place inside your home. With little modification, you can transform the area behind your deck skirting into a second attic where you can store your stuff.

Space Behind deck skirting Ideas

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The skirting protects the structure under the deck from elements

Although skirting is not the best protective structure to protect the brick wall under your deck from rain, snow and other damaging elements, it is capable enough at least to reduce the damaging effect of those elements. Less snow will accumulate around the wall and water splash will not get into the surface of the wall again.

Deck skirting keeps critters away or allows easier detection of their presence

If you are concerned about squirrels, frogs and snakes that creep under your raised deck, you can install skirting as a fence. With skirting, those critters will find it harder to disturb you from under the house. If there are critters who invade your house by digging tunnel, you can easily find the tunnel entrance just outside the skirting.

How to Choose Deck Skirting Material

There are two things to mind when it comes to skirting material: choosing the material that you want to use for the skirting and determining the construction of that material.


Generally speaking, the best material for deck skirting is the one similar to the deck’s material. If you use wooden deck, you should use wooden skirting to create a sense of continuity between the deck and its skirting. Of course, you can always deviate from this rule if you prefer, for instance, stronger material.

If your deck is made from pressure-treated lumber, which is cheap but not very durable, you can choose more durable materials, such as redwood and cedar, as the skirting. In fact, even aluminum materials, such as such as LockDry, Versadeck, and AridDeck, can also be used as skirting due to their rust resistance and durability.

So, the best material to use is the one similar to that of your deck, but even so, you still need to decide the construction of the material. Skirting material is available as solid and lattice. Lattice skirting looks beautiful with their criss crossing pattern. It also allows air to enter the underside of the deck; however, lattice skirting is not very durable and it requires more frequent maintenance than that required by solid skirting. Apart from that, the choosing of either lattice or solid skirting entirely depends on your preference.

Deck Skirting Material

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How to Install Skirting on Your Deck

Here are steps to install skirting on your deck.

Decide the height of the skirting

In general, skirting is usually between 1 and 4 feet high. A clearance that is less than 1 foot under a deck usually doesn’t need covering, so skirting might not be needed if your deck is low. Of course, you can experiment with skirting that is taller than 4 feet, but if the skirting is too tall, you will end up creating a solid wall.

Install nailing board under the deck between deck posts

The nailing board is a horizontal structure to which your skirting will be nailed. A long board that is 3 or 4 inches wide is usually enough for a section of nailing board that goes from one post to the next one.


Nail every piece of the skirting to the nailing board

Your deck skirting consists of vertical slats (about 2 or 3 inches wide) that are arranged horizontally along the nailing board. If you prefer lattice pattern, use thinner slats and arrange them in a crisscrossing pattern. You need to measure the distance between one slat to another to make sure that all slats are distributed evenly.

Most Stunning Deck Skirting Ideas to Try at Home

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Create a door

At the end of the skirting, you may want to leave 1 or 2 feet for a tiny door through which you can store your outdoor stuff. Leave an opening and then create a fence-like door made from wood slats that are secured by two horizontal bars on top and bottom and a diagonal bar that goes from the top bar to the bottom. Attach the door panel to the rest of the skirting using hinges.

door in deck skirting

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With these deck skirting ideas, you should be able to construct nice-looking and durable skirting without professional help. Give your deck skirting now and apply the best deck skirting ideas to enhance the overall look of your home.