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26 Half Bathroom Ideas and Design For Upgrade Your House


This gallery shares beautiful half bathroom ideas. Whether or not you like to think of it as such, your half bathroom is an oasis for both yourself and those that flock to your home for dinner parties or other important social events. That being said, very few people actually take the time to look at remodeling half bath or making it an overly welcoming area.

While it’s true that no one is going to look down on your for the finished products, taking a look online for half bathroom ideas is certainly something that you are going to want to be looking at so that you can enjoy your space even more.

Your home is a spot that you are proud of, so half bath remodel ideas needs to be on your list when you are looking to transform your space and make it fresh, modern, comfortable and welcoming for all of your guests.

You’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood – in the best possible way – if you do it right, and that is certainly something to be enjoyed in a world where we have social status based on the look and feel of our homes.

It may be hard to get everything just right in each room of your home, but you can make sure that you are creating the right space for your visitors in your bathroom. It really is more important than you think, so take a look at these small 1/2 bathroom ideas:

For the Small Bathroom


If you have a particularly small bathroom, all that you need to do is pick a neutral colour for the walls and then bring it out with bright pops of colour or pattern. This will accent the right things and create a warm and modern space.

For The Narrow Bath Ideas


We can’t all have the perfect designs that are the right orientation from the get-go. If you have a space that is narrow, make sure that you have a narrow sink and a towel rack that will fit in perfectly to give you all that you need with minimum footprint.

Modern Masculine Half Bathroom Ideas


If you are a small area that you are looking to make all one theme but aren’t convinced that white is the way to go, you aren’t alone. These are all shades of grey that give a professional and put together air, especially the gray floor tiles for pop.

Add Original Flair


This is a traditional half bathroom design that makes it really homey and safe with themes that you know and trust, while adding flair with a stained glass window that is new and unexpected in a space. Perfect for the look and feel that you are going for.

Minimalist Half Bathroom Ideas


If you are looking to try something fresh and modern, minimalism is definitely a way to tackle it. You can see that this is all about a clean and fresh space, and it can be achieved by simply keeping it plain and simple for the room in total.

Shelving is Practical and Cosmetic


For an aesthetic that is really going to show your guests that you know how to class up a space, try free floating shelves that are perfectly decorated and oriented in the existing bathroom space that you have already. These are easy small bathroom ideas to use.

Play with Patterns


Life is too serious for you to stick with traditional, so class up a small wall with patterns and fun colour. You can see that it worked well for this particular bathroom and really livened a space up. Yours can do that, too, and then some. Go with it.

Focus on Flooring


Part of the space that people forget about the most is the flooring design. You’ll be able to really create a neat and welcoming area that will provide the perfect combination of decor and a wooden flooring that grabs the eye and makes a memorable experience for all.

Try Bringing Movement Into The Room


This is done with a gentle pattern that is fresh and muted so that you can enjoy a really classic look and and feel that is going to spice up the space for you and give you something to brag about to guests and visitors.

Classic Vanities


The thing that gets your attention in this excellent bathroom option is the vanity. It is authentic and sweet and will give you all of the positive results that you are looking for out of your quality of life and your interior decor look and feel.

Vintage Meets Classic


This creates a safe space that combines old fashioned colours with a modern wall pattern. This is then the right space for the task that you are trying to achieve with the right character to do the job for you. This really is fresh work and can give a lot.

Fun Patterns


Similar to what we’ve talked about already, this is the right relationship between the modern bathroom that you need and the classic and bold print that you can put on the walls to accentuate its best parts. Fun and flashy for all of the right reasons!

Rustic Half Bathroom


There is nothing wrong with going with wood-based and simple designs when remodelling. They are classic for a reason and really give you a neat space to work with when you want to play around with wood grains and tones so that you are ready to take everyone on.

Use The Space with Natural Wood Bathroom


You can see in this example how someone combined wooden tones with a warm rug and a great neutral colour around it to create a safe and modern space in a way that meant something to them. This is a great way to tackle the design as well as the look and feel.

Blue Half Bathroom Backsplash


When you walk into this room you are immediately struck with the dazzling look and feel of the bright blue backsplash. These are great ways to really modernize your home and your room, so you need to consider it if you want that sort of attitude in your home.

Create a Calm Space


Most guests will go to the bathroom when they need to take a minute and breathe. Create a calming and private space for them to do so. It’ll make your home a popular spot for get-togethers and will be all of the rage in no time.

Go Big


To properly liven up a space, don’t be afraid to really play around with colour. This is the perfect example of a room that is going to benefit from the colour and pop that you are giving it. It’s memorable and modern, two great traits to focus on.

Spa at Home


If you want a space that is all about relaxing and connecting with your inner voice, this bathroom look and feel can take you right to the best parts of your life to keep you feeling prepared for all of its parts so that you make the right lasting impression.

Go Classy


This is an example of a space that was created to give a refined and classy look to everything so that you would be able to really enjoy the right area that would give you the development and shift in your home decor for all of the best reasons.

Classic and Cool Half  Bathroom Ideas


Equipped with a shower, this is a great look into the world that goes into half bathrooms and how to take them all to the next level so that you can enjoy it all coming together in cool tones with a warm attitude.

Grey and White Half Bathroom Ideas


Even if you didn’t realize grey and white go together, this creates a fresh and innovative look that will definitely get your decor eye interested in what you’re putting together.



This is all about playing with a small space and using tile to get it all done. Enjoy the finished look that will come out of this and enjoy all of the compliments that will come out of a design as simple as this one.

Combining Tones


This gorgeous room is all about putting several ideas together and you can see how nice it comes together in a serene way that is all about going with the flow of things and accentuating natural lighting so that you can enjoy a safe space that refreshes and energizes.

Small but Mighty


This is a fresh room with a tiny footprint, but lots of potential. It’s got all you need with a fresh design that really makes it memorable, even as tiny as it is overall.

Play with The Tile


You can really see how the designer played around with the orientation of the tile to make it more memorable without being too overwhelming. Take a look at how the entire room comes together with it to help you out.

Classic Half Bathroom Ideas


Bring all of the classic links together with the look and feel of this design. It will give you the attitude you want and the design that you need.

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