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111 Best Cozy Living Room with Fireplace of All Types


Are you lucky sufficient to have a living room with fireplace ? Do you have the wish to decorate it for each season? Or you can made a prime focus for the beautiful area?

It’s easy to do that, since the fire places looks traditional as well as slighted boring, yet it’s also very easy to create a sleek, contemporary area that will match the remainder of your home.

See a few of the ideas bellow, for the modern living room with fireplace and also we hope you will discover motivation for your area.

The layout of this locations is outstanding. Mixed and also matched patterns with tiny outbursts of interesting shades will only enrich this room to look fashionable.

The incline of the wall and also clean and smooth fireplace is not just functional, yet the fire place functions as a work of art on the wall surface. Parts with a brick will include attractive results for a lot more smooth as well as comfy space.

If you don’t have large area, you can establish the fire place in some corner. In this way, you will certainly have elegant tiny living-room, with fireplace as centerpiece. Look into the following collection and also see some instances that will encourage you to do the same in your living room. Enjoy!


Home Living Fireplace


Neutral wall surfaces, flooring and also furnishings open out this tiny cottage living-room as well as make a function of the fireplace with its burnt-wood mantel. The direct form of the space is damaged up with using goat-hair paddings as well as unabridged bed linen drapes.

Fire place Living Area


Tartan upholstery in fresh raspberry as well as orange lifts this living room and also is teamed with earthier peat and also charcoal tones. A stylish fire place develops a cozy and cosy seek to cuddle up alongside. A tartan carpet heats the stone floor.

Georgia Area with Chairs and also Fireplace


A direct-vent gas fire place works as the area’s warm resource. The surround and hearth, outfitted in slate floor tile, enhance the room’s choice of rustic and commercial furniture.

Grand Open Strategy Living Room


Soft colors on the wall surfaces and also furnishings allow the initial features and also striking fireplace to take centre phase. For a conventional look, dark-wood furnishings, gold illumination and also a classical painting are ideal.

James Rixner Eclectic Living Room


Sterling grey, white, black as well as warm lime comprises the palette for this today room. The fire place is simply spectacular.

Living Room Fireplace


Immaculate mix of white, off-white and also grey for the fire place location sure made this living room lovelier compared to it currently is as a result of the decorations in the space– consider instance, the light fixture.

Living Space with Modern Fireplace


A living room fire, with grey slate bordering, brings a cozy and also welcoming feel to this living room. The blue and eco-friendly painting over is an excellent comparison to the cool tones of the slate, raising the appearance instantly.

Living Area with Modern Shingles


Artisan ceramic tiles are as well gorgeous simply for the shower room: made use of around a fireplace they include a neo-Moorish mood to this living room.

White Seats Area with Zebra Pillows


Although this room is loaded with neutral shades, it is incredibly abundant with texture and detail. The fireplace border is Carrera marble as well as the chimney is draped in suede and embellished with a set of longhorns.

Initial Material Wall Appeal


Mod wallpaper highlights the rustic rock fireplace, while a grouping of modern furniture gives the perfect relaxing seating area.

Lively Contemporary Living Room


Offer your fireplace star therapy by setting it against a dramatic velvet stripe wallpaper as well as hanging a bling sunburst mirror above.

Yellow Living Room Fireplace


The Carrera marble border of the fire place bring innovative glam to the informal living-room. Above the mantel is a playful piece of artwork showcasing an institution of fish.

Wonderful and Fashionable Living Room Fireplace which are as fab as some of the other fire places collection that we have below in Home Layout Enthusiast! We love how contemporary one fire place can be and still have the ability to look quite in tiny and also fun areas!

Cozy Living Rooms with Fireplace


Take a gander at this living-room. Perfectly blending together rustic as well as classic components, we’ve got an area that functions particularly well with a dark, brownish hefty color pattern.

Note the conventional furnishings crafted with grained timber. But the celebrity of the show, certainly, is this harsh cut, natural flagstone fire place.

Rustic Living Room with Exposed Beam

Image : Locati Architects

This living room with fireplace also shows an additional fantastic blend in between comfy, rustic elements- note using refurnished wood, a dark color pattern, as well as the cabin design archietecture itself- and traditonal aspects- the furnishings’s smooth contours and also timeless shapes- however manages to keep this fire place where it belongs- at the forefront.

It’s normally established, as well as we have actually got the color pattern of the rest of the space to play off the natural flagstone used to develop it.

Eclectic Living Room with Stone Fireplace

image :

This intimate living room utilizes every last furniture as well as style to its advantage. Notification that stunning ebony china cupboard as well as those hanging scarf curtains.

Classic furniture, attracting partial motivation from Edwardian age layouts, is organized in a comfy and also inviting round table range. The fireplace is especially wonderful, being a normally set selection of rounded sandstone.

Living Room With Fireplace and TV

image :

Here is a living room with fireplace and also television decorating idea. With a light, white hefty color pattern, this living-room is a departure from the last few we’ve taken a look at however it’s still stunning just the same.

Notification that marble covered coffee table as well as exactly how it supplies a facility as well as anchor for this comfy seatsing location. Dashes of scorched orange throughout the back wall surfaces offer a tip of interest to this area. We have actually got a chateau style white fire place, which makes good use of Tuscan style mosaic work.

Living Room Orange County


This goregous living room is infused with a warm energy- with plenty of browns and also reds to secure the deal. It’s contemporary, with lots of straight lines and clean definitions in between the furniture.

The fire place is specifically noteable here- it’s basic, yet vibrant at the same time. Formed from polished granite, it’s minimalist, enabling plenty of prospective when it pertains to designing the area.

Rustic Living Room with High Ceiling

Image : Locati Architects

This living room is particularly appealing, bewaring from rustic, cabin designs. Particularly noteworthy is the fire place, with all-natural piled, sturdy rock.

Contemporary Living Room with Columns


This stylish living room profits a roomy room available to it. Notification the white, glossed stone fireplace? It’s made specifically special with the installation of a mirror on the mantle, and a marble facade.

Contemporary Living Room with Chandelier and Fireplace

image :

This ornate living room makes use of conventional furniture and also a soft, brownish hefty color design to produce an inviting ambience. The fireplace itself is basic, yet by no means underwhelming. A white mantle plays off well with polished granite trim panels.

Wood Ceiling Designs For Living Room

image :

This living room is especially enticing, taking a web page from modern-day Southwest designs. But discover the fireplace. With a white mantle and also header, this fireplace is particularly unique with its use of rock assistance legs.

Rustic Living Room with Hardwood and Fireplace

image :

This living room with fireplace is notable for its use of an all-natural cut fire place, including rounded stone. The firebox plays particularly well with the remainder of the room, developed out of appealing, red adobe brick.

Fire places are not only gathering areas for the home however could add an one-of-a-kind touch to any kind of living room. Whether a fire place is brick, rock or marble, it’s obtained a personality of its own.

Despite whatever theme you’re choosing, whether you prepare to draw inspiration from more standard or modern layout styles, a rock fireplace can be the crucial element that will turn your lavish living room right into a 5 star residence escape. Here are a couple of more of our favorite instances, which we hope will certainly aid influence you.

Best Office With Fireplace Design

image :

This stunning living room draws you in with oak paneled walls as well as shelving as well as keeps your attention with a gorgeous fireplace, featuring a Moroccan granite cellular lining and an oak mantle.

Luxurious Living Rooms With Fireplace

image :

This lovely European design living area attributes comfy, elegant furniture- for instance, take a gander at those imperial style leather club chairs- which is combined well with a costa mesa Cordovan square natural leather table.

The fireplace is specifically remarkable below, featuring a high over mantle and oak mantle rack, built from naturally established grey stone.

Living Room : Del Lago Drive

image :

This windy, open living room with fireplace showcases a more suppressed color pattern. Intense colors make sure that natural lights has a strong hold on the remainder of the space, while open halls make sure seamless shifts between each room.

The fireplace is lovely- decked out with an oak mantle as well as gold embelished fire display. Often, the honorable fireplace can even work well with an entertainment center, as we see right here with a wide display televison set into the over mantle.

Living Room With Fireplace Decorating Ideas


Showcasing a lavish Persian carpet, this attractive living-room is large as well as comfortable. The fire place is specifically noteworthy, featuring a marble cellular lining and a mahogany mantle.

Stunning Living Room Design


This spectacular living room features comfy, vintage furniture and a luxuriant carpet. The fireplace is specifically wonderful, including a mahogany mantle and over mantle, as well as a tiled, rock lining.

Brown Living Room Design Ideas with Fireplace

image :

This European style living-room uses a dark color pattern to establish the scene. Notification the wrought iron buffet table and also concrete planter. The fireplace works specifically well, being crafted out of carved, stained stone.

Traditional Living Room with Stone Fireplace

image :

This large, lodge design living room makes use of wide, mahogany rafters to set the scene. A sharp, aqua rug keeps the remainder of the living-room with each other, while adding a much required sprinkle of shade to this area.

However the fire place is the actual celebrity of the program. Featuring normally set, rounded stone, its high over mantle guarantees its presence is known, as well as is paired skillfully with a gold, ornamented clock.

Mediterranean Living Room with French Doors and Stone Fireplace

image :

This living room makes use of diverse mix of furniture to set the scene. The fireplace, crafted from naturally established stone block, works epecially well, giving an enjoyable contrast between the walls and also its mantle.

Traditional Living Room with Crown Molding and Stone Fireplace

image :

This living room attracts inspiration from mid century themes, featuring vintage furniture as well as a highly contemporary fire place.

You would not typically connect such a fire place, which features streamlined, minimalist lines and a broad white mantle, with the remainder of the style yet right here it works completely, constrasting and also blending in well.

Mediterranean Living Room with Hardwood Floors and Fireplace

image :

This Spanish design living area features dry paintinged, rogue walls and flower, classic armchairs to assist establish the scene. Notification the coffee table, which showcases a natural leather trim and glass top.

However the celebrity of the show is the fireplae. With a sweeping, rounded mantle and a tiled lining, it’s the personification of the remainder of the room’s Spanish style.

There you have it. With the right touches, any living-room could radiate. And also a fire place could take an already fantasic living room and elevant it to the next level.

The modest fire place could make fairly a statement when it pertains to developing a living room. Here are a few even more of our preferred examples, which we hope will aid give you a few ideas.

Traditional Living Room with Chandelier & Stone Fireplace


This English style living room gain from a warm, cream as well as yellow driven color scheme and also orange, hardwood flooring. The fireplace, which features Grecian style columns and also a large mantle, sets the scene for this living-room.

Craftsman Living Room with Stone Fireplace


This antique living room makes use of timeless, 19th century furniture as well as an ornate Persian rug to establish the scene. The fireplace is especially remarkable, showcasing a mahogany mantle paired with a refined granite lining.

Living Room with High Ceiling Fireplace


With a wide home entertainment system and completely dry repainted walls, this Tuscan design living-room with edge fireplace area is an entertainment centerpiece.

Note the fireplace, crafted from marble. However unlike numerous Tuscan style fire places, this one includes a modern touch- a refined, minimal firebox rather than the large, wrought iron firescreens several Tuscan fireplaces functions.

Contemporary Living Room with Fireplace


This wacky living room integrates modern accessories with retro-inspired touches.

Dolgin Eclectic Living Room Fireplace


The modern-day fireplace is flanked by accent chairs as well as showcases a sunburst mirror above.

Erica Lugbill Eclectic Living Room


This family room includes a diverse mix of materials, patterns and products to produce a globally-inspired, diverse room. The deep midnight blue accent shade on the drape is rollovered to the hand-painted wooden plaques above the fire place.

Rustic Living Room with Exposed Beam and Stone Fireplace


This European living room includes vast floor tiles and also dry repainted wall surfaces, which works well with the earthy, natural brick fire place. Pay attention to this living-room with fireplace design ideas. At some point less is better.

Traditional Living Room with Travertine Tile Floors

image :

With sweeping, high ceilings and also grand decoration, this classy living-room features modern furnishings and ageless home furnishings. The fireplace is especially noteworthy- showcasing a large marble mantle as well as high over mantle.

Traditional Living Room with French Doors


This living room showcases comfy, mid century furnishings, which is all tied together by the fireplace? And where do we begin with that said? Including a tidy, antique white mantle and marble cellular lining, it works perfectly with the rest of the area’s subtle color scheme and mild ambience.

Mediterranean Family Room with Exposed Beam


This contemporary living-room features two rollercoaster chaise lounge chairs, which are combined well with a luxuriant Persian rug.

Functioning well with the stone wall surfaces incorporated throughout the area, this fire place definitely makes a perception, showcasing a disallowed fireplace and rounded, normally set stone.

As you’ve seen throughout this collection, fire places could certainly assist take any kind of elegant living room to the following degree. They supply warmth, a centerpiece, as well as in addition to a sense of personality to any space.

If you’re seeking to revamp your living-room, it could just be time to consider putting the humble fireplace to good use.

Fireplaces can be an integeral part to creating your dream living space. As these attractive, lavish living rooms show, occasionally a fireplace can be the perfect enhancement to earn your living room shine.

Traditional Living Room with Iron Railing


This absolutely sensational living services numerous degrees, from a coral reefs, typical crescent easy chair to a stunning, shimmering crystal chandelier. Yet turn your focus on the fireplace.

With an ideal use limestone, from the cladding to the mantle, its large range is emphasized and also commemorated with the installment of a mirror and imaginative style. Also the black header as well as firebox offers an interesting comparison.

Living Room with Fireplace and TV Ideas


A brightened granite fire place with a white brick fire box isn’t really the only thing to die for in this stunning living-room. We’ve obtained spackled walling, providing this space a conventional taste.

Two timeless, old-fashioned natural leather elbow chairs aid secure the deal. Include the glass covered coffee table and we have actually obtained a gorgeous living room all set for organizing.

Rustic Living Room with High Ceiling and Fireplace


This definitely spectacular living room is large as well as appealing. We’ve actually got 2 fire places showcased here as a matter of fact, as well as both have their own specific appeals. Our first fire place is our largest, and also the focal point of our room.

With naturally set sandstone, it plays off well with this room’s light, breezy color design all while looking good while doing it. A high chimney works with this room’s high vaulted ceiling.

The 2nd is a bit extra modest in contrast but never minimized- it serves an important objective in developing a 2nd seats area, excellent for smaller sized celebrations.

Great Room with Sandstone Floors and Fireplace


This ultra contemporary living-room takes full advantage of the wide area available to it. Take a glance at that gorgeous fireplace. It’s minimal, with a charcoal body as well as a broad hearth, which contrasts nicely with this area’s largely light color design.

Country Living Room with Stone Fireplace


This log cabin design home brings Americana Western style styles together as well as offers it a modern touch. The fireplace right here is specifically significant.

A birch mantle shelf adds a good touch of personality. Created from normally established Austin rock, we have actually obtained a handy corner to store surplus timber.

Notification the ornamental display- even the screen of a fire place could work with the environment you’re attempting to create for an area.

Traditional Living Room with Crown Molding Fireplace


This beautiful, spacious living room uses brilliant shades and an easy color scheme to offer this area an open and air allure.

The fire place is especially significant below. Developed from piled, gray stone brick, it praises the lounge chairs as well as sofa.

A mantle shelf gives a convenient location to keep art or style, while an elevated fireplace gives it a simple, yet sophisticated appeal as well as added space to establish style.

Traditional Living Room with Hardwood Floors and Fireplace


This attractive Edwardian style living room with fireplace would not be complete without that lovely, black glossed granite fireplace. With gold veining as well as a block firebox, it’s specifically charming, completely complimenting this old fashioned living-room.

Living Room Design Ideas with Metal Fireplace


This charming living room with fireplace brings the hunting lounge right into your own home. With pleasantly rustic touches- forget the mounted heads, have a look at the refurbished timber island bar and also support beam of lights- it’s in some way stylish just the same.

The fire place, natural collection stone brick with a timber mantle rack and increased hearth, works especially well right here.

Living Room with Hardwood Floors and High Ceiling


This stylish living room is sizable and grand- with traditional, Victorian design furnishings to seal the deal. However keep in mind the marble fire place. With a gold trimmed display as well as carved mantle arm, it plays off well with the rest of this room’s high extravagant atmosphere.

Living Room Electric Fireplace Ideas


This contemporary space is a departure from common modern designs, featuring cozy colors as well as diverse design. The fireplace is absolutely beautiful, including a mahogany over mantle and a refined, black granite mantle, along with a minimal firebox.

Traditional Living Room with Hardwood Floors and Stone Fireplace


This living-room draws inspiration from Edwardian designs. With straightforward furniture and style, it’s perfect for small celebrations. The fireplace, which includes Grecian columns, makes fantastic use a polish granite inner cellular lining and block jambs.

Traditional Living Room Stone Fireplace


Filled with classic furnishings, this living room is an excellent amusing room for guests. The fire place includes a mirrored over mantle and also a broad mantle rack to display design.

A fire place need not be complicated to earn a significant perception, in some cases all it takes is a standard mantle making an impact.

Traditional Living Room with Fireplace and Chandelier

image The Corcoran Group

This living room attracts from late 19th century style styles also- developing a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. Notice the fire place. Made from marble brick, the mantle support columns are specifically notable here.

Sometimes, the best touches to an area become part of the architecture itself. Fireplaces could not just be gorgeous focal points for a currently lavish living room, but supply heat as well as a gathering place for household and also visitors.

These extravagant living room feature gorgeous rock fire places, which give each space a particular je ne sais quoi. Keeping that being stated, let’s take a look.

Country Living Room with French Doors

image :

This lovely living-room manages to incorporate a rustic energy. Note the gingham couches, which function remarkably well with an ornate rug.

However let’s not neglect the fireplace itself. Taken of rustic stone, block, this fire place takes care of to carry over the stone motif prevalent throughout this space while developing a welcoming atmosphere.

Country Living Room with Glass Panel Door and Fireplace

image :

This definitely lovely living-room utilizes maple to its ideal benefit. From the assistance light beams, to the windows or even the floor covering, dark wood could do wonders in adding in the direction of a cozy space.

We’ve even got a glossed maple coffee table, which, in addition to a soft white ornate rug, assists provide a support to this living-room’s seating area.

We’ve got beautiful natural leather easy chair, a carmel loveseat, which all make sure that no one’s left out in the chilly when it comes to organizing in this stunning room.

But don’t forget the fire place. This fireplace is truly the focal point of this living room, crafted skillfully from all-natural piled stone.

Eclectic Living Room with Flush Light and Fireplace


This comfy living room incorporated rough cut, normally set stone brick throughout the walls and also, of course, the magnificent fireplace at the head of the space.

It’s rustic, simple, and yet definitely beautiful all the same. We’ve obtained a comfy seating area, beset by a Western inspired carpet.

Contemporary Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Hardwood floors

image :

This contemporary living manages to create a large, comfy area. We have actually got birch timber flooring, which assists open up this room as well as functions well with the rug collection.

In fact, you don’t need to want to the portraits around this space to discover the slight Western components integrated throughout- from the wrought iron home furnishings and also the copper plated coffee table.

It’s not a normal western style living room, but that’s just what contributes to this room’s charm. But there’s plenty of contemporary elements- smooth lines and curves- to seal the deal.

But like a lot of the living room’s we’re featuring right here, it’s the fire place that’s the star of the program. It’s sedimentary rock, as well as somehow takes care of to not only be the centerpiece of the area but with a little fire window, doesn’t overpower the space.

Beartrap Residence Eclectic Living Room

image :

This eclectic living room has a guaranteed rustic power, taking on Americana traits. We have actually obtained a faux cowhide rug or even a driftwood coffee table.

It’s comfortable, bringing the ski lounge right into your personal residence, all with a bachelor pad flair. However keep in mind the natural flagstone fire place. It’s big, normally cut, and also functions well in establishing a warm ambience.

Rustic Living Room Fireplace


This is one more living room that takes definite ideas from Western Americana styles. We have actually obtained a refurbished timber coffee table, adequate seating courtesy of these superb Indigenous inspired L-shaped sofas.

Yet don’t leave the fire place out of the photo. This stacked, reduced limestone fire place is at the definite leading edge of the area.

Amazing Rustic Country Living Room and Fireplace

image :

This ornate living-room includes traditional furniture and also adequate dark timber to develop a luxurious ambience. It’s large, classy but takes care of to bring rustic aspects right into this gorgeous setting.

Not least which is the fire place. With normally established, rounded stone, this fire place truly is worthy of an area at the head of the room.

Country Living Room Stone Fireplace

iamge :

Via high vaulted ceilings and vast windows, this beautiful living-room reconciles adequate area. It’s especially spectacular when you consider the vast, tall fire place ahead of the area.

Made with stacked natural flagstone, this fireplace flawlessly heads a nicely rustic living-room, matching well with the vinyl chairs as well as marble coffee table.

Contemporary Living Room Salt Lake City


Finally, this living room is an additional rustic infused marvel. Showcasing a low hanging, glossed coffee table and also plastic lounge chairs, it in some way handles to be both comfortable and also sophisticated.

Note the chandeliers. The fire place is a specifically welcome touch below, crafted from harsh hewn stone.

As you’ve discovered now, a fireplace can be an especially noteworthy touch to any kind of living-room. The complying with living rooms are stunning by themselves, but with a fireplace, they become something wonderful certainly.

This Contemporary Living Room Red Collor with Fireplace


This contemporary living-room makes use of a rich comparison in between white and red. Notice the fireplace. Marble, with an abundant block firebox, it’s highlighted by a sleek granite mantle.

Rustic Living Room with Pendant Light and Classic Fireplace

image :

This rustic, cabin design living room especially shines when you consider the fireplace. Built with normally established stone, with a functioned iron frame, it functions specifically well with a refurbished wood mantle shelf.

Traditional Living Room with Fireplace and Hardwood Floors

image :

This mild Edwardian design living room is full of soft colors and also draping curtains. Yet the fireplace is exactly what radiates here. A red granite mantle works especially well right here, while a black, ebony tinted firebox helps give this mild fire place its own character.

Modern Living Room with Fireplace and Hardwood Floors


This modern living-room is flooded with clean lines and also minimal function. The fire place is specifically notable, with a dark tiled mantle and white mantle shelf.

Modern Living Room with Fireplace and Hardwood Floors


This modern living-room, with minimal lines and also art deco decoration, makes a huge perception with only a few little touches.

The fire place is particularly remarkable- developed right into the wall, it says all it needs to say with a marble jamb and also mantle.

Traditional Living Room with High Ceiling


This classy living-room utilizes a high ceiling as well as a large floor location to its complete advantage. Edwardian design furnishings establishes the scene.

The fireplace is particularly ornate, with a gold decorated mantle and also jamb, highlighted with a mirrored hood.

Traditional Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Crown Molding


This executive collection, with amble use of mahogany shelving and also natural leather sofas, functions especially well with this fireplace- which is mahogany with a sleek granite mantle as well as ebony firebox.

Traditional Living Room with Hardwood Floors and French Doors


This breezy, sizable living room works well with dark wall surfaces and also light birch floor covering. A marble fireplace, formed with timeless motifs in mind, is adorned with a glass framework.

Mediterranean Living Room with Two-sided fireplace

image :

This European design living room with fireplace is classy, making use of deep reds as well as browns. A marble, flower mantle as well as arms provide a solid, stylish assistance for this gorgeous living room, while a tall hood enables amble room to show beloved style.

Rock fire places could aid raise any kind of living-room to the next degree. Below are some even more of our preferred living rooms with rock fire places, each with their own personality and charms.

European Style Living Room with Fireplace

image :

This elegant, European style living-room utilizes open, wide windows and also the home’s one-of-a-kind style to its benefit. Timeless furnishings (as well as the grand piano), sets the scene.

The fireplace, crafted with completely dry paintinged brick, works flawlessly, specifically considering its Grecian style mantle as well as a crafted, wrought iron fire screen.

Contemporary Living Room with High ceiling and Pendant Light

image :

This contemporary living room makes use of sleek lines as well as a brownish as well as tan heavy color design to add to a distinct appearance.

This is rollovered with the fireplace, no much less, which includes charcoal collection rock block and also a broad mantle rack, all the far better for including preferred style.

Gables River Oaks Living Room

image :

This modern-day heaven showcases a dark color pattern and art deco style attributes (look at that high sleek obsidian wall surface) in order to create a stunning space.

The fire place is refined and also modern-day, including a minimal firebox as well as a high, sleek marble mantle.

Living Room with Marble Fireplace


This gorgeous living room with fireplace showcases early 20th century style styles, combined with a fusion of modern sensibilites. A completely dry combed, marble fire place with a block firebox is specifically appealing, featuring a large mantle.

Modern Living Room with Built-in Bookshelf and Travertine Tile Floors

image :

This ultra modern living room with fireplace has an especially significant, L-shaped fireplace. Including a subtle firebox and also a polished granite mantle, it plays off well with the shelf niches and the rest of this streamlined living room.

Contemporary Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Pendant Light

image :

This modern living-room is a touch extra restrained, with a smooth, white color scheme and also angular furnishings. The fireplace is crafted with white, stone block, showcasing a modern, in-wall firebox as well as a reduced hearth.

Traditional Living Room with Wall Sconce


This luxuriant living room brings one back right into the Edwardian era. With a wide home window matched by hanging frames and also drapes, and also a soft color pattern, it’s a comfortable space prepared for holding.

The fireplace is mounted by a comprehensive wooden rack system, including a marble mantle matched by a teak wood large overmantle.

Luxurious Living Room Fireplace

image :

This modern, luxurious living room features heavy contrasts as well as a gorgeous stone block fireplace, with Grecian design assistance and a brick frieze.

Rustic Living Room Woodlands

image :

This glamorous living room manages to integrate a few option, rustic components. With normally established gray stone block as well as a large mantle rack, the fireplace helps add an element of course as well as warmth to this living room- which additionally showcases a wide, mahogany amusement system as well as timeless furniture.

Luxury Living Rooms with Especially Wonderful Stone Fireplaces


This stunning living-room uses teak wood to its benefit- dressing up the foray, colums, or even the French doors with it. The fireplace is specifically noteworthy- featuring a block overlay and also a rounded mantle.

Fire places could include an especially appealing touch to any kind of living-room. Join us following time for much more lavish living rooms, featuring stone fire places.

Stone fire places could be a particularly nice touch for any type of space. Depending on whatever direction you take your fireplace, as well as the space itself, you can add a details touch of personality to it. Here are a few of our favored luxury living rooms with especially terrific stone fireplaces.

Mediterranean Living Room with Fireplace and Exposed Beam


With completely dry brushed wall surfaces and also brownish tile, this living room is a splendid example of preferred Tuscan styles. Notification that functioned iron chandelier, for starters, and the wicker back sofas.

However the star of the program, as constantly, is the fire place. Crafted from beautiful marble, we’ve got solid Grecian arms supporting a high mantle and also overmantle. A beautiful wrought iron fire display seals the deal.

Rustic Living Room with Chandelier and Pendant Light


This attractive, rustic style living room utilizes natural cut timber wall paneling and comfy, cabin style furnishings to develop a welcoming space.

The fireplace is developed with cobbled, naturally set stone, with a handy niche to store kindling as well as a high, wide hearth.

Elegant Living Room with Fireplace Ideas

image :

With a restrained color design and also tidy, streamlined furnishings (just look at those Marie grey armchairs), this living-room is elegant and also modern. A vast fireplace, with rock block, establishes the state of mind, paired with a rounded stone bridge the firebox.

Living Rooms With Fireplace Home Design

image :

This beautiful living room is perfect for holding visitors, from a 3 piece Pavoncella Rotunda couch, to two Victorian style elbow chairs.

The fire place is slightly a lot more subtle than our various other examples- including a marble mantle and a refined granite facing. Sometimes having a living room with fireplace as well as TV on opposite walls works finest.

Wood living Room Ceilings with Fireplace

image :

This ornate cabin design living room includes a vast, vibrant carpet to link every little thing with each other. A charcoal, rock brick fireplace blends in well with the remainder of the deep browns as well as reds existing throughout the room, supplying a mantle shelf for showing art and design.

Contemporary Living Room in 4th Avenue North

image :

This relaxing living-room could not have the flooring room that a lot of the other living rooms we’ve taken a look at however it does well to develop a roomy, welcoming environment.

With amble olive shades and also a mahogany coffee table, it integrates early 20th century designs. The fire place, with a marble mantle and brightened granite facing, is an embodiment of the rest of the room’s traditional styles.

Craftsman Living Room with High Ceiling and Exposed Beam

image :

This lodge style living-room uses lots of browns and also creams to develop a warm, comfortable ambience. The fire place is particular of the remainder of the living room. With a modern, rock mantle and also tan, stone block, it’s the ideal combination of rustic and also contemporary motifs.

Rustic Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Exposed Beam

image by Debbie Jungquist in Woodinville

This vibrant cabin style living room makes excellent usage from the rest of the residence’s natural home furnishings. The fire place offers an especially enticing contrast- with rounded, normally established rock, its tall over mantle functions well with the roomy, high ceilings throughout.

Traditional Living Room with Transom Window & French Doors

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With sleek, marble tiling as well as comfortable, timeless furniture, this living-room makes wonderful use the sizable, light loaded area provided. The fire place, with Grecian style arms as well as a mantle, works well with the remainder of the space.

Fire places can be a terrific addition to any kind of house. As well as with the ideal touches, any kind of living room could end up being a masterpiece in itself.

Anyone could bring extravagant, five stars develops right into their own home. And also with a fire place, you can take any type of room above and also past. Right here are a couple of examples.

Creative Living Room Interior Design with Fireplace

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Rich, faux mahogany floor tile plays well off of the mild, cream walls. The fire place is particularly remarkable, with Grecian style mantle arms and cream granite trim panels.

Rustic Living Room with Vaulted Ceiling and French Doors

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This cabin style living room raises rustic designs to five star degrees. The fireplace itself is particularly lovely. Normally set, its high overmantle works well with the high, roomy ceilings. A broad hearth provides optimal storage space.

Eclectic Living Room with High Ceiling and Balcony

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This gentle, sweeping living room features wide floor room, enhanced by shiny, gray ceramic tile and also a beautiful, hand paintinged mural. The fireplace is, by itself, gorgeous, including a cracked stone mantle as well as gold ornamented filler panel.

Modern Living Room with Wall Sconce and Glass Panel Door

image : by Faith Sheridan

This cozy living room makes use of olives as well as environment-friendlies to bring to mind European perceptiveness. The fireplace takes this idea and also runs with it. With naturally set grey stone, the high over mantle is flawlessly adorned with a straightforward art style item.

Rustic Antique Living Room

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This sizable, sweeping living room utilizes Grecian style colums and also large home windows to its benefit. The marble fire place is something to behold, highlighted by a overmantle mirror as well as granite filler panel.

Luxurious Living Rooms With Fireplace


This art deco, modern living-room uses sleek lines and strong contrasts to seal the offer. A rippled, grey body sets the scene for this refined, streamlined fireplace. The firebox is little, yet it leaves a massive perception on the remainder of the area.

Contemporary Living Room with Wall Sconce and Hardwood Floors

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Wide open windows define this rich alpine cabin design residence. The fireplace, flanked by red vinyl mantle seats, does every little thing a fireplace should- offering a comfortable gathering place- as well as is enhanced by a specifically sizable sight.

With a broad mantle rack as well as naturally established rock brick, this fire place fits this cabin design living space particularly well.

Traditional Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Limestone Floors

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With grecian style legs, this elaborate fireplace works perfectly in this European inspired stone living-room.

Rustic Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Built-in Bookshelf

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This comfy lodge design living room puts the fire place at the leading edge of the room. Featuring naturally established brick as well as a high fireplace, it functions well with the deep, mature home furnishings of the remainder of the room.

Country Living Room with Built-in Bookshelf and High Ceiling

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This delightful living-room includes timeless elements of Southwestern Americana, but it’s the fire place that’s particularly significant. With rounded, set rock block, it has as much personality as the area around it.

Fire places can not just act as gathering places for friends and family but can help boost any kind of room to the following level.

Now, you have actually seen numerous examples of exactly how a stone fire place could make all the difference in any kind of room. Below are a couple of more of our preferred instances, which we wish will aid motivate you.

Traditional Living Room with French Doors Stone Fireplace and Crown Molding

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Flanked by a collection of Eames easy chair, this open, roomy living room is contemporary as well as comfortable. The fireplace, which works well with a dry repainted mantle, is something to witness  offering a high over mantle to host a televison and also decor, as well as a sizable firebox to fill the room with character and also warmth.

European Style Living Room with Fireplace

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This gorgeous European design living room is comfy, decked out with naturally established brick walls. The fire place takes this idea and keeps up it, supplying a rock mantle, a vast hearth, and also a timber, carved mantle shelf.

Tropical Great Room with Stone Fireplace and Interior Wallpaper by Carpet Cleaners OC

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With scalloped easy chair and a blue heavy color scheme, this seaside living room brings the ocean into your very own home. The fire place, with a brief mantle as well as a bronze lined body, works well with the curving decoration of this area.

Contemporary Living Room with Chandelier and Balcony

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This extravagant living room includes high ceilings and also exotic design to create a gorgeous, dynamic room. The fireplace, with a tiered over mantle, is especially something to lay eyes on- with rounded, normally established block.

Traditional Living Room with Wall Sconce and Metal Fireplace

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This stunning living-room features very early 20th century designs, in addition to birch walling. The fireplace, crafted from brightened granite, is a little much more subtle than its environments, showcasing a glossy lining and also gold embellishments.

Contemporary Living Room with Fireplace and Chandelier in Greenwich

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This vibrant modern living room showcases a dark color design and a lot of art deco components. In the beginning, you might not even see the fireplace- which features a shiny, mirrored mantle and an easy firebox.

Rustic Living Room with Flush Light and Hardwood Floors

image by Debbie Jungquist

This gorgeous living room showcases high ceilings and also a stunning fireplace- crafted out of normally set rock block with a basic, yet reliable mantle shelf that’s ideal for displaying preferred decor.

White Living Room with Fireplace

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This stunning living-room showcases a white and lotion concentrated color design. However always remember the marble fire place, which is particularly remarkable with a carved mantle and also a wall alcove working as over mantle.

Living Room with Transom Window and French Doors in Greenwich

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This streamlined, ultra modern-day living-room showcases sharp lines and also art deco decoration. High glossed ebony flooring establishes the scene. The tiled fire place showcases an enjoyment system and a refined firebox- keeping flawlessly harmonic with the rest of the living room.

Rustic Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Exposed Truss Ceiling in Fountain Hills

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This elaborate living room showcases a Persian rug and also gold leather sofas. The fireplace- stone, with Grecian style arms- matches the rest of the luxuriant surrounding well- with a functioned iron fire display and also a large mantle shelf.

There you have it. With the best touches, any living-room can beam, as well as none moreso than the living-room that consists of a gorgeous fire place.

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