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27 Awesome Home Media Room Ideas & Design(Amazing Pictures)


Media Room Ideas – There is nothing better than having your own home theatre. It is just not about having an experience that resembles going to the movies but it feels incredibly relaxing and satisfying.

But what about having a bar in there too? Could there be something better than watching your favorite movie while having your favorite drink? We think that a movie theatre and a bar together in one is a match made in heaven.

Today we decided to come up with the best media room ideas. It is not just about having the best theatre but also including a bar for double the fun. We are sure that having such a room in your house will being hours of endless fun for you and your friends.

There is nothing better than an exceptional movie night with the lovely drinks sipped by everybody. So we need you to take a look at our selection. Our designs range from modern, contemporary to real traditional ones to suit every taste. In this article we are sure that you will find something that suits your idea of a perfect media room.

The Red and Beige Cinema Room at Home

image : homestylecentral

Having a classical theatre room in your house will definitely leave a great impression on your guests. This room is not something that you usually see at the house because it is quite big but the traditional red and beige décor is really classic and will offer a relaxing theatre-like experience for your guests. The room’s big size and traditional layout will definitely leave a great impact.

Luxurious Home Theater with Decorative Wall and Plush Seating

image :

There is nothing wrong about having a small media room because you have the chance to convert it into something that is extremely cozy and comfortable.

This media room is the best example. You can spend long hours in this small media room with its cozy comforting design and plus seating that will definitely take you and your guest on a unique journey as you watch your favorite movies.

Media Room Ideas in High end Home

image : PhenomHome

In a high end home, there will be a great focus on quality and technicality. So although this room might look a bit innocent, the gadgets found inside can give you hours of unlimited fun.

You can be sure to find something that will give you a great movie night when you spend time in this room with your friends and family.

Elegant Home Theatre with Checkered Ceiling

image : homestylecentral

The rich choice of colors can have a great impact on how your media room will come off. In this media room we have the cosiest and the warmest shades of maroon that can be found in the checked ceiling in addition to the microfiber seating.

Combined with the gold accessories, this room gives an unmatched experience of richness and coziness. It promises endless nights of comfort and quality movies experience that will definitely make everybody have a great time.

Red Theatre Room with Large Leather Chairs

image : homeriches

The cherry wood wall makes this room look so rich upon the first glance. Taking a further look at how everything is combined shows how experiencing this room is nothing but experiencing style and elegance.

Finding the best media room ideas means that you should always make sure that your guests are comfortable while being seated in a room that is full of character and style. There is no comfort available more than the one offered by the leather seating, and the combination of colors, even the pattern on the wall gives this room an immediate personality.

Black and White Home Movie Theatre

image : Yelp

Using contrasting colors makes everything pop with style. In this movie the black and white décor offers a simple yet elegant choice.

There I no mistake that everybody would love to spend some quality time in the beautiful leather seats will invite you to sink in and watch your favorite motion picture. You can’t go wrong with a media room like that.

Simple White Media Room with Black Sofa and Rug

image : designingidea

We are still experiencing how black and white are the perfect match when you want to have the best media room. The combination is simple yet very elegant and ensures that you are having an elegant and exceptional experience.

There is always something special about having black furniture with white accessories to complement the look. It is like that you are relaxing your eyes so that you can have all your senses focused on the movie you are watching.

Home Cinema Room with Roomy Lounge Chairs

image : dreamediaav

The most important thing about having an exceptional media room is to offer some comfortable seating with the good looks to implement it and this is exactly what you find in this media room.

The wood molding and the contrasting colors ensures that every movie night spent at this room is going to be exceptional.

Movie Room with Red Cinema Chairs

image : dandcconstruct

Everything about this room is so inviting and welcoming. The elevated vibrant red chairs are so elegant and unique and we just love how they are placed on hard wood floors to make the room look more cozy and elegant. The rich red color add warmth and just promises hours of great fun once you choose to spend time in this room.

Home Theatre with Four Plush Seats

image : yell

If you are looking for the best media room ideas for small areas, then this one is something that you shouldn’t miss for the world. The built in wall cinema unit and the cozy interior decoration together with one row with plus leather seating; show that small media rooms work just fine.

You can have an exceptional media room regardless of the area you have available if you know how to employ everything and choose the best pieces of furniture.

The living Room Corner Used as a Media or Home Theatre Room!

image : houzz

Most of the time you will have some unused valuable area available next to your staircase, so why not fit it with a great screen, the perfect projector and the suitable lighting system? One of the best media room ideas is to make sure that you are using every space and every corner in your house.

You don’t have to devote and entire room for your media room experience. Utilizing the space you have and installing the right equipment can make all the difference.

Playroom Cum Media Room Cum Bar!

image : hgtvhome

Why not pick one airy and spacious room and fit everything you want inside? A big airy room can be the perfect card room for a lovely game night with your friends and family.

Install a bar and make the best of both worlds as your guests enjoy the drinks and the full ambience. Top that with a great LED screen and the right sound system and you got yourself a room that is nowhere else to be found. It is all about using the space and the options that you have available. For this matter, the sky is the limit.

Home Movie Theatre in Luxury Home with Wide Screen TV

image : profocushe

The curved wall that features the media unit combines softly with the beige seating making this room one of its kind. It is cozy and comforting and equipped with the right equipment that makes it stand out as a lovely media room for a fun experience.

Small Media Room with Stone Walls

image : builddirect

Being space challenged doesn’t mean that you could still have the best media room experience. All you have to do is to make sure that you are using everything to the maximum.

In this room, you can focus on a minimalist design that doesn’t eat up the available space to make sure that no inch is wasted. Use a hanging LED screen instead of a large media unit that would eat up the available space.

Cinema Hall type Home Media Room cum Home Theatre Designs

image : alux

In order to have the look of this room, you need to have a few dollars at your disposable. Next you need to make sure that you fill the room with as many details as you can because they will resemble the unique experience that you want to offer anyone who chooses to spend some time in this room.

Once you have done that you can simply go find the best and biggest LED screen you get hold of and fit it there. Your media room experience will match no other.

Media Room with Columns and Bar Area

image : themasterswitch

Recreate a club atmosphere with the elegant design of this room. The bar area and the installed columns make this room one of its kind.

Theater Room with Wine Cellar, Big Screen, and Wood Cabinets

image : tvti

Why not have a room that serves a dual purpose? In one the best media room ideas you can easily have one room for your movie night experience and next to it a great place to keep your precious collection of wine.

Simple White Entertainment Room With Black Sofa and Rug

image : homedsgn

There is nothing better than having an exceptional experience in this room. The contrast is amazing and elegant. This room is the perfect media room if you want something chic and simple.

A Dual Level Media Room Ideas and Design for Your Home

image : wittconstruction

You can make the best of a double levelled room in your house by turning into the perfect media room. All you have to do is to focus on fitting the lower level with the best recliner chairs and keep the upper level empty for a big comfortable sofa bed that you can share with your loved ones. Add a high quality LED screen and the perfect sound system and your room will be good to go.

A Media Room Which Gives The Best View From All Angles

image : hgtv

If you want your media room to give the best experience from all directions, then this design is the best one for you. All you have to do is to make sure that your LED screen is swivel mounted so that it can turn in any direction you see fit.

Make sure that you include a small side table for your bar and eating activities. The décor in this room will make for a great movie night.

The Chic Home Media Room or Home Theatre Décor

image : hgtv

The elegant design of this room is easy on the eye and makes sure that you will have nothing to think about except the great movie you are watching.

Just make sure that your LED is mounted on a high wooden platform so that everybody can enjoy the views and arrange the sofa and the comfortable recliner on the opposite sides.

The Woody and Trendy Media Cum Home Theater Room

image : Yelp

Wood will definitely add richness and coziness to this room but the warmth is not interrupted with the hi-tech mechanism of the remotely controlled LED screen that drops from the ceiling with a press of a button. Add wood to every single part of the room and enjoy the combination.

Black and White Home Movie Theatre

image : avreviewchat

There is always something lovable about mixing black and white and this media room is the perfect example to show that.

Home Cinema in High end Home

image : talstern

There is definitely something that screams richness in every corner of this room that you can definitely find and enjoy.

Luxury Media Room Ideas

image : thraam

It is all about the perfect choice of colors and how you can make everything work to ensure that your media room looks exceptionally cozy.

Comfortable Home Movie Room

image : gqindia

Using the right palette can take your media room to a new level. Use strategically concealed spot lights for a perfect movie night.

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