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27 Spice Rack Ideas for Small Kitchen and Pantry


Are you experiencing an array of delightful spices but no good way to organize them? If you have a tiny kitchen with limited space or a sizable kitchen with an abundant amount of cabinets, we’ll show you the best (and most unique) spice rack ideas to accommodate your space.

Organizing your spices in a tiny kitchen can be a tricky task to say the least. You probably don’t have a lot of cupboard or counter space, but you still have to be able to access your spices quickly and easily. Here are a few unique spice rack to make seasoning your following meal a breeze:

Types Of Spice Racks

There are as many types of spice racks as there are kitchen configurations requiring organization. Spice Racked! will guide you through the basics of the following kinds of spice racks:

  • magnetic
  • wall
  • wooden
  • stainless steel
  • hanging
  • cabinet
  • drawer
  • wire

Wall Test Tube Spice Rack Ideas

image source : etsy

Sound reclaimed wood spice rack with glass test tubes and corks, mounting hardware included.

A simple and unique spice rack can save space, show off your range of spices, and can be an excellent house-warming gift idea.

Pallet Wood Spice Rack

image source : etsy

Following an unsuccessful search for the perfect spice rack for my kitchen, I made the decision to make one of my own. To get design relatively simple, We love how a vintage steel canisters and jars packed with dry goods look against the natural finish of the pallet wood. The rack may also be found in other areas of the house such as display seashells from various trips, keeping jars of buttons, or holding miscellaneous screws and nails.

This piece comes unfinished showing off the natural characteristics of the wood, but has recently been sanded well to clean any rough edges. Mail me a message if you should a different surface finish or color.

Rustic Spice Rack Ideas – Driftwood

image source : etsy

This kind of spice rack transformers an old-fashioned and weathered piece of driftwood into a practical piece of art. My own goal in creating this spice rack was to protect the natural splendor and completing work of nature and develop it into a spice rack without detracting from these features.

Gold Kitchen Wall Spice Rack

image source : etsy

Method cardboard Ruche shelving properly fits pocket books, seasoning jars, toilet paper proceeds, stationary, little miniatures and toys and basically all the little stuff that you don’t know where you can put!
It can be used as a bedside stand, coffee cup holder, bookshelf (for pocket books), for kitchen storage, bathroom storage space, shoe storage, office space or a storage product for your home.

Spice Rack Cabinet Ideas

image source : etsy

In times past used to house medications, elixirs, herbs and the like in the 1800s, apothecary cabinets were commonly used in the lack of drug stores. Some cabinetry even had nailed or secret compartments to store poisons and hard-to-find spices or herbs.

Whether you fill it with drugstore remedies or home-created potions, our apothecary cabinet is built as a storage display for one’s washroom needs. The cabinet is simple and flexible and need not be restricted to bathroom use. Works wonderfully in the kitchen for spices or herbs and potions, as well as a work shoppe or any where storage space is required!

Shabby Vintage Spice Rack Ideas

image source : ebay

Round Spice Rack with Magnetic Tins

Image Source : etsy

Searching for a cutting edge attractive spice rack – without the rack? Attempt Dell Cove Spice Co’s. attractive spice tins – nourishment safe round metal tins – for sorting out your kitchen spices. Time for spring cleaning? These canisters will stick to anything metal – a steel board on a divider, the entryway of a cooler, even on a stove hood.

This is for 8 sustenance review attractive spice tins – which implies they’re sheltered to place nourishment into – with clear tops so you can see the spices you’re going after. Fill them with your own spices – or with some other little trinket you like – and you’re finished. You’re composed.

Refinished Pallet Spice Rack


image source : lessthanaverageheight

Wall Hanging Spice Rack

image source : slogreengoods

Pull Down Spice Racks Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

image source : Amazon

Another extraordinary safe sparing spice rack is the draw down spice rack. There are styles that go inside a bureau, and some that join underneath.

Over The Door Spice Rack Ideas

image source : thisandthat-online

I’ve been taking a gander at a ton of spice racks of late in my journey for the ideal one. The most recent style I’m investigating is the over the entryway spice rack. The over the entryway rack really comes in two styles.

There is one that really dangles from the highest point of the entryway, and there is one that should be introduced. The one that hangs over the entryway does not need to be introduced, which gives it preference in convenience.

Be that as it may, the introduced ones can likewise be exceptionally helpful and alluring. Additionally, they don’t tumble off. So how about we investigate a couple of various styles, might we?

Small Pullout Spice Rack Ideas

Photograph: Kelly Keul Duer

A pullout rack is a tight retire that mounted to bureau. It needn’t bother with a wide space so you can find it between two more extensive cupboards.

The rack can be intended to fit in the middle of two new base or upper divider bureau units, to be coordinated in a hood, to flank a cook top or to fit in what might somehow or another be a futile ornamental filler board.

Here’s some recommendation and thought before applying pullout spice rack. Pullout spice rack is reasonable for little kitchen. On the off chance that you have a constrained space in your kitchen so this pullout spice rack sort can be your decision.

Abstain from putting spice rack close to the cooking zone, just on the off chance that warmth may reduce spice quality.

Swing Out Spice Rack Cabinet

image source : wood-mode

On the off chance that all your above-seat organizers are a similar profundity, make most extreme utilization of the one nearest to the stovetop with a twofold layer of racking. A swing-out spice rack like this one means you can layer holders on the two sides, and still have space for toppings behind.

Spice Rack Teak and Glass

image source : etsy

Walnut Wooden Spice Rack Modern Design

image source : etsy

This is a wonderful strong walnut spice rack including a smooth present day outline and dovetailed development. The spice rack is done in a hand rubbed oil wrap up a wonderful regular look.

Show your spices in style and keep them helpful in the kitchen. Divider mounted plan fits on a divider, over the stove, or on the backsplash.

Wall Spice Rack Ideas with Towel Bar

image source : etsy

This Wall Spice Rack Shelf makes cooking a breeze. The multi-utilitarian divider rack comes in a few distinct completions. The divider rack holds all your most loved spices, cook books and spices safely.

Rotating Spice Rack Ideas

image source : amazon

This spice rack can be somewhat expensive however it is one of spice rack ideas cool. This one of the coolest spice rack ideas South Africa will influence your kitchen to look incredible in the event that you put it on the ledge. Getting certain spice will be a snap. Simply turn it and you will get it.


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