Gorgeous Wainscoting Ideas Projects That You Want In Your House

Wainscoting ideas are a lot out there especially on the internet for you who look for some inspirations to decorate your house. Basically, wainscoting is the process of dividing the wall into 2 parts, but still connected with the upper part. The materials which are used can be wood or plastic.

The area which are used as wainscoting is about one third of the whole height of the wall. The colors which are usually used for wainscoting are cream or white. One of the benefits of wainscoting is it is able to be installed and removed if you are bored with the design. Make sure you choose the area of the wall which is often seen so that the area of wainscoting is able to be a part of the decoration of your house. Here are some tips for you who want to install wainscoting in your house.

Wainscoting Ideas

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Measure the Room of Your House You Want to Install Wainscoting

The first thing when you want to apply wainscoting, measure in detail the area of the wall that you want to cover with wainscoting. Usually, wainscoting takes about 32 inch to 26 inch of the entire height of the wall. Depends on what type of wainscoting you want to buy, whether it is wood or plastic, you need to measure the height of the wall appropriately.

Take the linear measurement of the wall you want to cover with wainscoting and multiply the measurement with 2.66 if you are going to use 32 inches wainscoting. Or multiply it with 3 if you are going to use 36 inches of wainscoting. This way will let you know how many square feet of the type of wainscoting you need to buy to cover up the wall you want to wainscot.

Lay the Panels Out

When you have already bought the type of wainscoting you want, spend some of your time to lay the wainscoting out along the wall. Put the wainscoting against the wall you want to cover with it just like you are about to install it. This way will help you visualize how you are going to lay the panels out and whether you need some adjustments or not before you start to installing the wainscoting.


Move Outlets

One of the purpose in laying the panels out is so that you are able to see where you should put the outlets in the room of your house related with the panels. Make sure that the outlets are located in a comfortable area where it is related with the panels.

You sure do not want the outlets to be situated in the area where it will fall behind the raised part of the wainscoting. In order to do this tip, you may need to move some outlets in the room of your house. It will be better if you hire a professional technician to do this. If you want to do it on your own, make sure you finish the job according to the electrical codes in your area.

Paint the Wainscoting First

If you want to stain or paint your chosen of wainscoting, you should do it first before you install the wainscoting on the wall of the room in your house. This way will be easier for you than paint if after you install the wainscoting and end up some part of the wall also getting painted. This only makes your wall looks messy. Consider to use paint sprayer so that you are able to avoid the stroke of the brush so that it does not look smooth.

Do Not Forget to Touch Up

When you install the wainscoting in the wall room of your house, it may get chipped or scratched so that you need to touch it up. Do the installation carefully, and finish the paint or the stain so that it looks professional.

Apply Wainscoting Ideas?

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Wainscoting in Living Room

Wainscoting with wood materials will be suitable to be applied in your living room. The color of the wood will bring warm atmosphere to your living room where your family, your friends, and your close ones are gathered. Especially if your living room is designed with minimalist style. Combine the wood wainscoting with upholstery to also bring elegance atmosphere in your living room.

wainscoting ideas for living room

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wainscoting ideas dining room

Wainscoting in dining room is quite popular nowadays. By applying wainscoting in your dining room, you will give your dining room colors, volumes, and also textures. Since it is in dining room especially if it is located near the kitchen, it will be better if you choose wainscoting which uses wood material. It is because wooden wainscoting is able to be resealed in case it is damaged.

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Wainscoting in Bathroom

Since it is in bathroom, it will be better if you choose the type of wainscoting which uses plastic material so that it will last for a long time. It is because if you use wooden wainscoting, the wood material will rot because of the water or the damp in the bathroom.

If you still want to use wainscoting which uses wood material, make sure you seal it first with stain so that it will not easily damaged by water. But you still need to touch it up if you want to use your wooded wainscoting for a long time in your bathroom.

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Wainscoting in the Hallway or Entryway

If you want to apply wainscoting in the hallway or entryway in your house, wainscoting with wood material will be suitable. Wooden wainscoting is able to hide the flaws of your wall and unpleasant stuff such as wires of cables. It also provides smooth and clean look so that the texture and the color of your wall are more showed.

Warm yet elegant look will be brought there. You are able to add some shelves or some decorations above the wooden wainscoting to make it more outstanding and as one of the wainscoting ideas.

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