Rainbow Six Siege: Fishy from Call of Duty
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Rainbow Six Siege: Fishy from Call of Duty

People who like Rainbow Six Siege may have felt like they had been there before when they saw the new operators coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. The Season 1 battle pass adds Dokkaebi, a “skilled spy and robotics engineer” that Activision made available. What’s the catch? Rainbow Six Siege fans noticed right away that he looked a lot like their favourite character, Dokkaebi, a skilled hacker who stops enemies from gathering information and steals it.

Rainbow Six Siege: A More In-Depth Look at Dokkaebi from Call of Duty

This is Activision’s Dokkaebi. She’s not just any operator; she’s a spy who is good at robots. As soon as the news came out, fans couldn’t help but compare this new person to Dokkaebi from Rainbow Six Siege. It gets even more similar: behind Call of Duty’s Dokkaebi, there’s a new black-masked skin for Enigma that looks a lot like Vigil, another Korean Siege operator that came out in 2017 with Dokkaebi.

What Ubisoft Did: “Seriously?”

Many fans felt the same way as Alex Karpazis, the creative head of Rainbow Six Siege at Ubisoft. His simple but powerful answer was “Seriously?” It’s clear that the similarity between the two Dokkaebis was noticed, and the way the creative director responded says a lot about what happened.

Legalities and Strange Events

It’s important to remember that this probably isn’t a formal matter, despite all the fuss. The name “Dokkaebi” comes from Korean mythology and is often linked to goblins, so Ubisoft doesn’t have the right to use it alone. Also, Activision’s Dokkaebi doesn’t look exactly like the original, so it’s not a straight copy.

Rainbow Six Siege: Where is the Line?

What this really makes me wonder is where the line is in the fast-paced world of live service games between innocent inspiration and tasteless copying. There are always new characters in these games, and sometimes any links between them are just a coincidence.

Rainbow Six Siege: What the Public Thinks in Court

The court of public opinion is full of conversations about it on social media. But the courts of law might not be interested in it. Gamers aren’t sure if this is just writers getting ideas from each other. Or if it’s actually copying someone else’s work. People who play video games love being creative, and they know right away when the lines aren’t clear.

Rainbow Six Siege: Conclusion: Overlap or On Purpose?

Character designs and ideas are bound to sometimes cross in the world of video games, which is always growing. As a result of similar ideas or a nod to what works. The gaming community will decide if Dokkaebi in Call of Duty is a new take on an old theme or too similar to Rainbow Six Siege’s most famous character.

NIAGASLOT , Activision, and Ubisoft are trying to figure out how the gaming community will respond. One thing is for sure: the gaming community is watching, and the debate over where inspiration ends and imitation begins continues to shape our favourite virtual battlefields.