At Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023 Shows Off Exciting Art
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At Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023 Shows Off Exciting Art

Welcome to Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023

The Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023 show began on Monday, September 10, 2023, at the Sangkring Art Space in Nitiprayan, Kasihan, Bantul. This show, which runs until October 18, 2023, has interesting comics by both professional artists and students.

Theme song of Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023: “Energi Juxtaposisi”

As stated by Terra Bajraghosa, the organiser of Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023, the theme of this year’s show is “Energi Juxtaposisi” (Energy Juxtaposition). The theme shows how books have power that has an effect on society. And then, it looks at the strength and energy of comic artists through their works, which move and inspire other comic artists.

In a press release on Monday, she said, “We want to see this comic exhibition as an energy that shows up in the strength and vitality of comic creators through their art.”

Making friends through comics

In order to continue working on their projects, comic artists engage in a variety of social media activities. People use these sites to talk about humorous things that have happened to them, give their opinions on current events, and condemn society. And then, comics are used by communities, businesses, and even the government to communicate their points of view. These comics might take the form of books, murals, web shows, or even social media posts.

Including Student Artworks

Additionally, Danang Catur from Mulyakarya, who is in charge of directing this exhibition, mentioned that in addition to comics created by professionals, there thirty works that created by high school students as a part of the Kukuruyug #9 project. These comics, which were created by these kids, are all about the 7 components that make up DIY culture. These include methods of making a living, artistic practises, means of making a living, linguistic practises, and religious practises and traditions. Additionally, these include technological practises and living equipment systems.

“The people of Jogja have kept these seven parts of their culture alive and passed them down from generation to generation.” “Heritage and relics can seen and experienced in everyday life through things like buildings, behaviour, rituals, technology, and the arts,” he said.

Timetable and Highlights of Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023

The show is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. WIB and has 25 chosen artists and 5 open call artists. Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023 includes more than just the display. On October 14 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM WIB, there will be a Comic Seminar, a Comic Reading, and a Comic Melody. After that, on October 15 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM WIB, there will be a Cabaret, a Comic Chat, and a Comic Drama.

Finally, Yogyakarta Comic Week 2023 is a riot of comic art and culture that you won’t want to miss!